Double Daring

by Orion Press Group

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I want a sandwich.
With you in the middle...

Natalie Kennedy.
Everything about this event planner screams good girl.
She's got the sweet smile of an angel.
But the way her hips sway when she walks by you, you know that inside there's a devil.

I don't share.
No one can ever say that Isaac Chapman had to share a woman.
I mean, they fall at my feet.
All it takes is a stare.

This wouldn't be a problem if the other man interested in her wasn't Sebastian Payne.
Women drop their panties for him when he crooks his finger.
And then he's crooking his finger again before they know it.
Except its inside of them.

She's planning our events. We're both going to try and make her our main course.

But can she handle two competing orders of meat?

Only one way to find out.

Open wide, baby.