Baguettes, Business Trips & Murder SS ARC

by Shifted Sheets ARC Services

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In the Windy City, baguettes aren't the only scent in the air.
There's also a whiff…of murder.

Brynn and her best friend Lisa are jumping at the chance to head to Chicago to attend the International Food and Retail Expo. Playing With Flour is thriving, and this is the perfect opportunity to grow the business even more.

Their bags are packed, baguettes ready to go, and the business trip is underway. What they don't count on was finding a dead body.

With dashing detective Alec Anders not around this time to save the day, the amateur sleuths find themselves investigating this one on their own.

Well not exactly. their new friends Kari and Kasi, the owners of a coffee shop and one of the Expo's vendors, are proving to be most helpful in gathering clues. They also have the investigating officer, one of Chicago's finest and an old friend of Alec's, doing his best to keep them out of trouble.

But will it be enough? Are the girls in over their heads this time?

Brynn and Lisa have to solve the murder, or it looks like they could be the next victims!