Two Men In Her Big Beautiful Business Class

by Shiba Anie

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Avery has lived all her life in Cincinnati. Yes, she knows her way around sensual gratification, and she enjoys the company and the erotic love-making that Jamie offered her, while it lasted.
But now she has moved on…to the cesspool of self-pleasure and going down with herself whenever she feels like it. Until her boss invites her on a trip down to New York with him where a masseur with a massive manhood makes love with her to a stand still.
Although she has always had her reverie about threesome, she hardly believes it will become a reality from the strangest of places – with her boss, Barnes and his stranger-friend, Arthur.
And when he suggests it in the queerest of ways, she turns him down at first, but her interest is piqued.She finally gives in to a request she never comes to regret.
Soon, the trip turns into a whole level of enjoyment and a trip to bliss land for her and her body for she gets delighted over and over again, in different ways, mostly alien to her, by the burly men who know how to make a girl sing and squirm concurrently.
And who will not desire two large male members in their pleasure holes when the chance comes calling?
Now that she has had a taste of two men at once, she knows it is a reality that will come to stay in her life. And now, she doesn’t have to venture far away from home to get it as and when she is horny.
She has her boss – Barnes – to satisfy her lecherous needs. And perhaps another stranger will tag along, yet again.