by Maryse Dawson

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In the year 1092, relative peace has settled between the kingdoms of Scotland and England. King Malcolm’s niece, Heather, finds herself unable to forget the handsome Norman knight, Theo Charbonneau, despite the fact that he previously took her in hand when she misbehaved.

Meeting him by chance on her birthday, she finds herself in trouble with him yet again, and vows never to forgive him. But Theo has other ideas. He seeks to win her heart, for no other woman can match her in beauty and spirit. From her long auburn locks to her seductive brown eyes, he finds himself captivated.

When she and her cousin are captured by Scottish rebels and taken north, he uses all his powers to seek her return, for he intends to marry her. But can Heather learn to abide by his rules and submit to his dominant nature?

Publisher's Note: This historical romance contains stern disciplinary elements as well as graphic scenes. Please do not purchase if this offends you.