Beauty Suckle

by Regina Lambear

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Belle's father sends his daughter away to live with Lord Faust in his castle near the ocean cliffs. But when she arrives, she is shocked to find that the lord of the castle is a large beast with a boar's face and long white tusks!

“Don't touch anything inside or outside of this castle!” he warns her, “except yourself ...”

But when Belle is left alone in the castle without any food or water, she ventures out and spots a rose bush in the garden. The bright red roses beckon her and – knowing that they are edible – she decides to taste one petal.

But after she swallows it, her body begins expanding in more than one way and when she looks down, she notices that her breasts have soaked through her blouse and apron! After disobeying Lord Faust, she worries that she'll be punished when he returns. Or perhaps he'll be thirsty for more than just water …

This story contains erotic horror and fantasy elements with explicit text, human furniture / forniphilia (abstract), and lactation themes.