Hard Crimes: A Mafia Secret Baby Romance

by Lana Cameo

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I left her just like all the rest. But she is nothing like all the rest. If only being with me didn’t mean she would be risking her life.
With barely a goodbye he was gone.
The love of my life, and as I soon found out, the father of my child.
It’s okay though, I figured it out eventually. I got past it all and moved on.
I didn’t think seeing him again would bring it all back.
The pain, the questions, but most of all the desire….
A deep need that no one else can fill but him.
Even if everything about him still says danger, I don’t think I can stop myself.
Plus, he deserves to know he’s a dad, and I’ll tell him…
Just as soon as I can breathe around him.
Just as soon as we can stop tearing each other’s clothes off.
Just as soon as I let him take me one last time.
Warning: “Hard Crimes: A Mafia Secret Baby Romance” contains mature language and scenes. It is intended for adult readers. No cliffhangers and an HEA is a guarantee.