The Last Throne: Ruins Falling

by A. R. Peters

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A mysterious King once ruled Ye’shurun, filled with a magic only legends could dream of. A magic that controlled the elements, shapeshifters, and other rare and wonderful creatures. A magic that could wield the power light and life. But those old legends are forbidden now by the Twelve Princes, who wield their own power with cruel strength, caring little for the needs of their people.

Two youths, Daireth and Airaine, have to fight for every scrap they get while struggling through sickness, loneliness, and the disdain of the rest of the castle. Their only other friend, Captain Graedin, has promised to take them away after he retires from the army. But that dream is shattered when they discover he’s gone missing during a routine journey. Knowing that they risk their well-being and the wrath of the Princes themselves, they fight to get what they need and find out what happened. What else can they do? All of their joy and hope rests on Graedin’s survival.

Meanwhile, Captain Graedin knows he’s being targeted by an assassin. He fights to make his way home to the children he loves, using all of his training and strategic skill in vain. And with every danger he escapes, he questions if his enemy is more than human…and if the legends he knows so well are coming to life before his eyes.