Trained by the Trillionaire

by Emily Tilton

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When nineteen-year-old Cynthia Hall falls asleep in the middle of an act of self-pleasure, she is shocked to be awoken by a stern, handsome man standing over her bed, scolding her for her wanton behavior. Within moments, Cynthia has been stripped bare, intimately inspected, and soundly spanked. After her punishment, she is taught how to properly show her submission to a dominant man and then taken to the Institute to be trained for her new life as a concubine.

Upon reaching the Institute, the beautiful, feisty hipster quickly discovers that no part of her virgin body will be off-limits to the powerful trillionaire who now owns her, and she is left blushing crimson as her most shameful, deeply-hidden desires are exposed and exploited.

The Institute’s plans for Cynthia include more than merely selling her for a profit, however, and once she reaches the estate of her new master, she will serve as a source of information for an even more secretive organization. But will her role as an unwitting spy put her life in danger?