One Good Play

by Meredith St. James

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* She’s gotten used to being on her own. He feels like he’s constantly surrounded. One good play could bring them together, but only if their fears don’t tear them apart. *

Wren expects Kelley University to be like every other place she’s ever been: a passing adventure. What she wasn’t counting on was Carter Scott.

As a starting quarterback, Carter is used to getting far more attention than he likes. All he wants is a quiet year with no more questions about his plans to go pro. That’s before he sees Wren for the first time.

They don’t make sense together. She’s a well-traveled social butterfly. He’s an introvert content to stay in one place. Sometimes opposites attract.

But Wren’s past can’t stay buried forever. When her secrets threaten everything the two of them have built, she’ll have to decide if she’s ready to stay—or if it’s time to go.