Just Dessert: The Decadent Series Book 1

by Kelly Collins

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Just Dessert

After his last girlfriend left a bad taste in his mouth for commitment, Damon Noble nixes the idea of a relationship. He simply orders and pays for what he needs. Why ask for the full menu when you can just order dessert?

Pure hearted Katarina Cross has a simple life plan; finish school and find a job. Everything is on track until Damon walks onto the scene, the sweetest confection she has ever laid eyes on. As a favor to a friend, Kat agrees to accompany this one man for one night. How hard could it be? All she has to do is smile and look pretty, right?

A chance meeting, a book club and a penchant for dessert will change everything for Damon and Katarina. Will Damon heal from his past, and with Katarina by his side?