Black Christmas (Quentin Black Mystery Series)

by JC Andrijeski, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author

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INCLUDES: “Black Christmas” and bonus story “Black Supper” – two sexy romance stories from the Quentin Black Mystery world!

Series Note: Takes place at the end of BLACK AS NIGHT (Quentin Black Mystery #2)

Miri Fox just returned to San Franciso after a harrowing ordeal in Thailand––an ordeal no one really understands except her boss, psychic detective, Quentin Black. But Black leaves Miri and San Francisco not long after they return to the States. Worse, he disappears with no explanation, no warning and without telling her when he’ll return.

Miri won’t answer his calls now and Black is desperate. Can he win back Miri’s trust, after betraying her when she needed him the most?

Synopsis for BLACK SUPPER:
Series Note: Takes place at the end of BLACK ON BLACK (Quentin Black Mystery #3)

Quentin Black and Miri Fox finally get a chance to consummate their relationship after being separated for months while Black was in Paris. Little does Miri know, being new to the whole “seer” thing, this means a few weeks of losing herself in a sex-induced haze, barely able to function like a normal person, or really relate to anyone apart from Black himself.

In the midst of their sex-fog madness, Black and Miri somehow decide going out to dinner is a good idea. It’s not. Not really. Being in public right then isn’t exactly something they can pull off… although the food is great, when they remember to eat it.