Honor Roll: Making the Grade

by Kelly Collins

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Drop dead gorgeous, kind to a fault, and good in bed, twenty-six-year-old graduate student Luca Gregorio is a client favorite. But weeks from graduating, Luca loses his most valuable patron. Determined to graduate debt free, he needs new benefactors to cover his shortfall, and his once easy job at Concierge Services becomes complicated when he meets Mim Knight, a woman he can’t ignore.

Cultured and beautiful, Mim Knight isn’t looking for anything but a quick end to a frustrating workday when Luca Gregorio shows up on the other side of her desk. Despite his too-good-to-be-true looks, he’s different from the trust fund boys she’s used to. He’s fearless, genuine, and sexy as hell.

Drowning in lies of omission, Luca knows one misplaced step will lose Mim forever, but like his dream of financial freedom, he can’t let her go. With the odds stacked against them, will Mim and Luca still come out on top, and together?

Honor Roll is a steamy contemporary romance.