Making the Grade Library: Books 1-4

by Kelly Collins

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The Dean’s List - Book 1

After the death of his wife, enigmatic Jonathan Ferris lives in a world of acquisition and mergers, a world where he knows financial security, a world filled with desolating loneliness. Until River Roberts. She's intelligent, beautiful, sensual, and when their lives collide, his world is changed.

Twenty-five-year-old college honors student River Roberts has found herself hungry, tired, and out of options. While seeking advice from her best friend, she discovers something that could provide all she's looking for. She meets the requirements for The Dean’s List, a university society that offers alumni anything they desire.
But it comes with a cost: secrets and loneliness.

In a world of commodities and trading, River and Jonathan must fight to preserve what their hearts desire. Will their collision be temporary, or will they overcome the many obstacles in their way?

The Graduate - book 2 (Novella)

Sometimes the joys of life are found in the little things.

Paul Yoder's life is defined by doing big things. Big money. Big deals. Big Business. He's charming, intelligent and filthy rich, but what he wants most is to find someone who will love him for what he is, not the package he offers.

When Melody Harper looks in the mirror, she sees an overweight, unhappy woman. She shed the weight, but she hasn't been able to shed her insecurities and self-loathing. Her greatest desire is to find a man who will accept her for all that she is.

Can two people looking for truth in themselves discover even more within each other?

Honor Roll - book 3

Drop dead gorgeous, kind to a fault, and good in bed, twenty-six-year-old graduate student Luca Gregorio is a client favorite. But weeks from graduating, Luca loses his most valuable patron. Determined to graduate debt free, he needs new benefactors to cover his shortfall, and his once easy job at Concierge Services becomes complicated when he meets Mim Knight, a woman he can’t ignore.

Cultured and beautiful, Mim Knight isn’t looking for anything but a quick end to a frustrating workday when Luca Gregorio shows up on the other side of her desk. Despite his too-good-to-be-true looks, he’s different from the trust fund boys she’s used to. He’s fearless, genuine, and sexy as hell.

Drowning in lies of omission, Luca knows one misplaced step will lose Mim forever, but like his dream of financial freedom, he can’t let her go. With the odds stacked against them, will Mim and Luca still come out on top, and together?

The Learning Curve - A Making the Grade Prequel (Novella)

Mark Hollings has everything a man could want. As the Dean of a prestigious university, he has money, a powerful position, and her. But Sandra Tierney won’t settle for what other women will. She’s the first woman to ever challenge him. The first to demand more.

Sandra Tierney, the rich, powerful madam of the secret escort service in The Dean’s List wasn’t always the tough-as-nails woman she is now. Sandra was once a young, vulnerable girl alone in New York City. Little did she know she was about to find herself immersed in a world where men rule and women can do little more than hope for something better. Yet she quickly discovers that she might just be able to have it all—money, power, control, and him.

But will his position dictate their future, or will passion rule his world?

Making the Grade contains four steamy contemporary romance books.