The Decadent Series

by Kelly Collins

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Dig into a satisfying trio of deliciously seductive novels.
Kelly’s Decadent Recipe: Two parts sinfully sweet and one part intrigue.

The powerful, sexy heroes of the Decadent Series aren’t looking for love. But when it finds them, they’ll do whatever they can to make it last, even if it means unmasking the dark secrets of the past.

Give in to temptation and get lost in a collection of love stories so delectable, they’re better than chocolate.

Just Dessert

After his last girlfriend left a bad taste in his mouth for commitment, Damon Noble nixes the idea of a relationship. He simply orders and pays for what he needs. Why ask for the full menu when you can just order dessert?

Pure hearted Katarina Cross has a simple life plan; finish school and find a job. Everything is on track until Damon walks onto the scene, the sweetest confection she has ever laid eyes on. As a favor to a friend, Kat agrees to accompany this one man for one night. How hard could it be? All she has to do is smile and look pretty, right?

A chance meeting, a book club and a penchant for dessert will change everything for Damon and Katarina. Will Damon heal from his past, and with Katarina by his side?

Brownie Points

Fate is fickle, and not always forgiving.

Touted as one of Los Angeles’ most sought after men, Anthony is a hot commodity. His recipe for success is his ability to control his surroundings. His motto is conquer and devour. A once confirmed bachelor, his tune changes once Emma, a spitfire of a woman with flaming red hair walks into his life.

Emma is beautiful, educated, and damaged. Unavailable emotionally, she has succeeded in her job as an escort where liaisons only go as far as the length of time you purchase. In her line of work, relationships are risky. You don’t mix business with pleasure; it’s a conflict of interest. That was always the rule—until Anthony.

Hell bent on unraveling the mysteries of Emma’s life, he sets out to solve the secrets that are buried with her mother. But the ghosts of Emma’s past threaten to destroy the delicate bond they have created.

When it comes to brownie points, can you ever collect enough to erase the past?


Bobby Anderson had very little in the way of wealth as a child. He had a supportive family and the love of Roxy Somerville, and it made him the richest of men. But then she was gone. Now, 6 years later, she’s back in his life, and he’ll stop at nothing to keep her.

Roxy Somerville grew up with everything. Sports cars and designer clothes were commonplace. Love, affection and autonomy were not. But when she chooses to leave her life of luxury, and trade her riches for freedom, it leads her back to the most unexpected place. Her first love she’s never forgotten.

Will Bobby and Roxy travel through past mistakes to their second chance?