Grayslake: More than Mated: Unbearable Love

by Kelly Collins

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Lily Love is running—from her father—from her future husband—from her life. When a message flashes across her computer screen claiming open season in Grayslake, she takes her only chance to experience life before her father drags her back to Montana to bear an heir for the clan. Once in Grayslake, her quest for anonymity vanishes when she’s forced to register at the sheriff’s office as a guest. It’s there she meets Eli Silver. Big, tall, and grumbly, Eli prickles her senses in ways she can’t explain.

Werebear Eli Silver lives alone in the woods. After a painful betrayal, he’s sworn off love for good and is happiest when it’s just him and his bees. Or so he thinks, until a curvy, beautiful woman walks into his life and stings him right in the heart. Every roaring cell of his body wants to claim Lily, there’s only one problem—she’s not willing to commit.

With the past swarming around them, can Eli and Lily dig deep to find the courage their love requires? Find out in Unbearable Love.