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“What kind of confession are you looking for, brother…?”

Black disappears, leaving Miri alone in San Francisco mere days after they return from Bangkok. No explanation. Not a word about where he is, what he's doing, what his mysterious new contract entails or even who he's working for. Black will only drop cryptic hints, leaving her breadcrumbs.

Miri can feel him though. More every day. She feels so much from her dreams and into her waking life that her world starts to spin out of control, especially when things between Black and his new employer begin to sour. Black's in danger, although he won't admit that, either. Worse, his new "job" starts to look more like being run through the gauntlet, proving his loyalty to his race and to the psychopathic Lucky Lucifer who controls a mysterious cult of seers.

Only Miri can save him. But to help Black, she has to cross lines she swore she'd never cross, exposing herself in a way that will change her life forever.

Book three in the paranormal mystery romance series starring brilliant but dangerous psychic detective, Quentin Black, and his partner in crime, forensic psychologist, Miri Fox.