Hell Yeah!: Off the Grid

by Kelly Collins

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Colton Becket refuses to bow down to his father’s demands and take over the family’s big oil business. Convinced there’s a better way to harness energy, he leaves the family fortune behind and sets out to prove his worth. Secluded on a clean energy farm, he does what he can to make ends meet, even if it means renting out his property to a tabloid princess. A woman he was determined to loath not love.
When twenty-five-year-old Nikola Stone’s parents threaten to disown her because of her pampered princess behavior, she has three months to convince them she’s more than hair extensions and acrylic nails. Nikola finds herself living on a wind and solar farm in Texas, owned by super-hot environmentalist, Colton Becket. Without the safety net of her silver spoon life, Nikola discovers living off the grid may, in fact, hold the key to her inner happiness, and bring her the surprise she would never have expected—true love.

But when Colton’s dream is threatened, she does the unimaginable to try to save his farm. Her desperate actions mean losing her inheritance for good—and possibly losing the only person who has ever truly cared for her.

Will her plan backfire, or will Nikola find out that giving up everything means she can actually have it all?