Nocturnal: Hangman's Haunt Book 2

by Kay Elle Parker

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Allix O'Connor, queen of feisty, with an attitude sharper than her favourite hunting knife, has secrets not even her three best friends know about. Right now, she's babysitting Baylee's bookstore while her friend honeymoons with new husband Daxon, the shifter clan leader.
Unaware she's become the focus of a predator.

Archer, a centuries-old vampire from the Ireland of old, has a mission: determine whether or not to side his coven against the new Montana shifter clan in the advancing war. Simple enough, right? Maybe it would have been, if he hadn't laid eyes on a slim blonde with a penchant for fighting him at every turn. All he wanted was a fun time, a delicious snack, and to get the hell out of the sleepy Montana town.

When it comes to the supernatural, nothing's ever simple.