In Disguise / Sing to Me

by Mia Bishop

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Volume Two of the Syndicate Series
Includes Two Novellas:
In Disguise By Mia Bishop
For changeling reporter, Emma Niklasson getting to the bottom of the string of overdoses in the city is a personal crusade and she intends to find the truth by any means necessary.

Peterson has more than one secret he is trying to keep hidden from the Agency. But can he keep his cover, stay alive, and protect a stubborn changeling who is hell bent on digging up the truth? An even more dangerous question would be; if he can’t protect her, can he live without her?

Sing to Me
By A.L. Kessler

Sirens, goddesses of the seas, killers of men…

Aileen Nereis never stays in one place for too long, always running from the past, but when her sister is kidnapped, she realizes the past has caught up to her in the form of the Agency. With the help of Damon, a witch under the employment of the Syndicate, she plans to rescue her sister and disappear into the night.

Damon LePaige owes a debt to Nova, leader of the Siren Syndicate family, and his one rule to follow is that all of Nova’s girls are off limits. Aileen doesn’t fall into that group, and Damon has always found her captivating. When Aileen’s sister is kidnapped, Damon sees the perfect chance to prove to her that he can help her and there’s no need to keep running.