Revelations: Madhouse

by Mia Bishop

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Evil lurks in the shadows.

For most patients, life at Mrs. Sutton’s Home for Troubles Girls isn’t easy, but for Avery Mills, it’s been a never-ending nightmare. Her ten-year confinement at the mental hospital has shown her horrors that no one else can see and instilled in her a distrust of anyone who walks through the doors.

With a new director in charge and a psycho nurse both setting their sights on Avery she must dig deep to figure out what it all means and who, if anyone, can be trusted. One thing for certain, she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the new orderly, Zeke, is not who or what he says he is. In a race to unlock what is hidden in her mind, Avery comes to realize that friends may have turned into enemies and her greatest enemy might have been the only one keeping her alive all this time.

A sickness is spreading and humanity is running out of time.

If you like Paranormal Romantic Suspense, Supernatural Thrillers, and Dark Fantasy then this book is for you.

WARNING: This book includes graphic violence, sex, and a fair share of foul language- seasoned lightly with a healthy dose of sarcasm and snark.