Whisper to the River

by Leigh Anne Higgins

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Tiny, picturesque Rosetown seems to be the perfect refuge for Maggie Jackson, whose only wish is to be free from the drama caused by the men in her life. Enter Jake Jones, the good looking owner of the local river rafting company, who is drama personified. Jake is the center of small town gossip—with a mysterious missing wife and frequent inexplicable trips out of town.

Past mistakes have a way of catching up to Maggie and Jake, no matter how hard or fast they try to outrun them. As danger closes in, they’re going to have to work together, and that means telling each other their secrets—not easy when they’ve both been victims of betrayal before.

With hearts laid bare, they must each answer the question: "How much does this person mean to me, and what am I willing to sacrifice for them? My dreams, my integrity... my life?"

The answers they come up with just might be surprising.