Body Talk: An Ex-Navy SEAL Billionaire Romance

by Ashlee Price

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She's a virgin and my assistant.
She's totally off limits, right? Think again...

Imagine that, an ex-SEAL like me opening a yoga studio?

I need a s#xy assistant instructor who can follow my lead.
I don't want any physical connection though. My walls are up.
...That was until Whitney walked into my studio.
She was smart, funny and fu$ken sexy - a combo sure to tempt any hot-blooded man.
The throbbing in my pants proves I'm no exception to that temptation.
Those innocent eyes and plump lips could be my undoing.
Each time I see her, all I want is to taste and feel her.
You know what, maybe she's the one?
But a dangerous, unsettled score from my past could ruin our chance at love.

She will be mine. Even if I have to risk it all.

***Body Talk is a full length, stand-alone panty melting romance with a guaranteed HEA. No cheating and no cliffhangers.***