Dangerous Vengeance: Messed-Up Heroes Series Book Three

by Naomi Bellina

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Dishonored by a raging force he can't control, he has one chance to make amends.

When Grant loses control of a freakish telekinetic power and is kicked out of the Army, his dream of becoming a cop and upholding the family tradition is destroyed. Unless he follows a government mandated program, he's screwed. But he's vowed to protect his country, and if that means jumping through hoops and teaming up with a crazy woman in anger management class, so be it.

A road rage incident lands Zoe in trouble with the law, slowing her plans. Zoe's mission; find the man who drugged and attacked her, and stop him from hurting anyone ever again. Court-ordered counseling sucks, and playing nice with her mandated jerk-partner, Grant, sucks more. But when she discovers the jerk has skills to help find her attacker, she'll do whatever it takes to convince him to work with her.

The last thing Grant’s life needs is Zoe, but his force reacts to her and desire builds. A murder, and the theft of a priceless violin, brings more questions, and more time spent together in close proximity. As lust intensifies to something deeper, two wounded, angry souls must learn to trust.