Tamara, Taken

by Ginger Talbot

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“Dexter Meets 50 Shades of Grey." Manhattan's sexiest billionaire has a horrifying secret...and I'm so sorry I found out...
This is a dark romance, which contains scenes which some might find disturbing. It is part one of a two-part duet. Trials of Tamara will be published May 7.
Once upon a time...
I was a 19-year-old girl with a law school scholarship. My ugly past was finally behind me and my whole life lay ahead. My name... was Tamara.
But now...
I don't own my mind or my body anymore. I don't even have my name. Now, I'm called Toy, and I am the prisoner of the most beautiful serial killer the world has ever seen.

My purpose in life is to please him, to crawl for him, to serve his every whim instantly without question.
Sometimes it amuses him to give me pleasure so intense I think I’ll die. Sometimes it amuses him to invent new ways to make me scream.

He says I’ll never feel the wind on my face again.
He says that his face is the last that I’ll ever see.
He likes to make me cry.
He says that he's the only one allowed to hurt me, so he’ll keep me safe and caged until the day I die.

And soon...
There’s an evil worse than him crawling through the shadows of our lives.
When the past comes knocking, my jailor may be my only savior.