Journey to Elvander

by Eric Gutierrez Jr.

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Deacon Maynard may be young, but he is hardly idealistic. A Tech Repairman, he spends his days surrounded by tools and broken phones, watching the news unfold on the television while carefully trying to avoid the reality that seems inevitable.
There is a war out there… and it is creeping closer and closer to his home.

Elvander, a high-tech country miles away, is locked in a colossal battle with the deadly terrorist organization, Shadow Cannon… and it’s a war Deacon wants nothing to do with.

Until he spies a flash of light outside his apartment window and discovers Ragnar, a giant machine Golem meant to be a Shadow Cannon secret weapon – a machine that is now asking for his help.

Suddenly thrust into a war he wants no part of, Deacon must struggle to discover the truth, save his strange new friend and possibly save the world.