Beyond the Gates of Evermoore

by Krista Wolf

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A dark, time-lost secret. A cursed plantation, spinning though time. Some things just aren't meant to be found.

Melody Larson joined the Hallowed Order to accomplish fantastic things. But when her first solo mission to recover an ancient artifact turns out to be much more than she bargained for? The lonely but gifted psychic finds herself in way over her head.

Enter Eric, her strong but beautiful savior - and possibly one of her forgotten brethren. Yet even his intentions fall into question as challenged by Lucus, the solemn, broad-shouldered blacksmith with an eerily prophetic side. As Melody continues her assignment, she finds that each man knows just a little too much about Evermoore's twisted and shadowy past.

But when that past becomes the present, her deepest feelings are tested. Torn by a love triangle between two handsome lovers hellbent on guiding - or perhaps thwarting her - Melody must make her way through the haunted halls and broken gardens of the ghostly plantation manor in search of a priceless, mystical relic long since lost.

A creeping, deadly mist. A manorhouse marred by a horrific past, trapped in an eternal loop of hopelessness and despair. Relationships are tested, secrets revealed in this time travel romance culminating in a desperate love affair with an unbelievable, paranormal twist!

The Chronicles of the Hallowed Order

Beyond the Gates of Evermoore is the spellbinding book two of the Chronicles of the Hallowed Order mega-series. Each stand-alone novel can be read in ANY order, and is filled with mystery, suspense, twists and turns... but also love triangles, lust, romance, and a series of dripping hot, steamy encounters written specifically with the goal of melting your kindle! HEA Guaranteed.