Wyld Woman

by Victoria Phelps

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Risk-taker and adventure-seeker Ellen Wyld scoffs at local superstition. It is nonsense to believe that her cousins disappeared during a meteor shower while camped at the river. To disprove such balderdash, she camps at the dreaded spot during a night of heavenly fireworks.

But the legend proves true, and Ellen tumbles one hundred years into the past and joins her cousins in Texas, 1890.When Ellen falls for Skip Manning, the son of the family's enemy, no one is pleased. But Ellen gets what Ellen wants, and she wants Skip.

This suits him just fine. He wants her. He plans to reform his lovely Wyld Woman and teach her thoughtfulness, respect and responsibility - over his knee if necessary.

Can headstrong, spoiled Ellen learn to live in a time when these qualities are not so widely accepted in a woman? Will Skip ever tame this wild twentieth century free spirit without dampening her lust for life - and for him?

Publisher's Note: This time travel romance contains explicit scenes and elements of power exchange.