Corey: SEALs of Honor, Book 16

by Dale Mayer

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When a voice from the past cries out for help, Corey shows up to meet the only woman to rock his world. But twelve years is a long time. Both have moved on, and the woman he meets is no longer the lighthearted girl he knew.
Angela is caught in a nasty divorce and custody case. She’ll do anything to keep her son. Only after seven years of marriage she still doesn’t understand what her husband is truly like.
But she’s finding out.
Determined to help his old flame, even after she makes it clear she doesn’t want or need his help, Corey finds out she’s taken out insurance to help her case. But it’s an insurance that’s likely to get her killed.
The race is on to keep her safe against a man who has no intention of letting her or her son go – unless it’s in a casket…