Sensual Abduction Series Box Set

by Amelia Wilson

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What can one girl from Earth do when caught up in the middle of an alien war?

Find out in the Sensual Abduction box set, featuring four ecstasy filled alien romance novels.

Sarah Ellison was given a beautiful crystal by her Geologist father when she was just a girl. Now, there are aliens willing to do whatever it takes to gain control of the crystal. And since Sarah wears it on a necklace around their neck, that means they’re after her too.

The Aeon’s are a dominating galactic force bent on domination. They abduct Sarah, but she’s soon rescued by Gar, a handsome Zaytarian whose people are embroiled in war. Sarah and her crystal lie at the center of the universal conflict, and as she navigates a steamy relationship with Gar, it’s going to take a lot of determination to make it back home alive.

This boxset is full of sensual passion and exciting action. There’s hot and heavy sexual dalliances, edge of your seat close calls and near misses, and at it’s core a girl from one life and a boy from another thrust together and unwilling to let one another go. Once you start reading Sensual Abduction, you won’t be able to put the book down, at least not until you’re reaching for the next.

All four Sensual Abduction books are included in the set:

1. Aeon Captive
2. Aeon Fugitive
3. Aeon War
4. Aeon Ending

Join Sarah as she goes on the run, keeping her necklace close, and Gar closer. Fight to survive with her as she finds herself marooned on a mysterious planet, earn for safety as Sarah watches lava flow right for her. Feel the breath catch in her chest as Gar touches her body tenderly, and just try not to moan along in ecstasy when she and her alien lover make love.

The Sensual Abduction series is one of the best rated alien romance books online, and now, with this set, you can experience the whole series in one place.