His Control

by M. S. Parker

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CAI: My entire life has always been focused on accomplishments, working myself ragged in the hopes of getting out from underneath my big brother's shadow. Now, Grandfather's gone, and my relationship with my brothers is at a breaking point, leaving me to decide what's truly important.

Addison: Getting out of my little hometown has always been the goal, but now that I've been given an internship at the CDC - with my idol, Cai Hunter, no less - I'm starting to wonder if I'm up for the challenge. Not that I'll ever let him see my nerves.

The gorgeous scientist, Cai Hunter, and his brilliant intern, Addison Kilar, couldn't be from more different worlds, but their connection is undeniable. As sparks fly, the CDC is called to Texas to investigate an unknown outbreak, putting not only their growing relationship on the line, but their lives as well.