Others of Edenton Box Set 2

by Brandy L Rivers

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Fated Love
Does knowing what’s coming ever help?
Christian asks this question every day. He knows he’s meant for Delilah, but he's tongue tied.
Delilah knows what she wants, but Christian's too shy to make the first move.
One bad date after another, and she finally decides to make a move. Until she sees an old friend whispering in his ear, and her hope comes crashing down.
Will fate push them together?

Falling into Place
Sometimes it all has to fall apart to fall into place.
Liz never had it easy. She is a mage unlike any other. She finally had everything until someone shattered it all. The man she always trusted swept in to put her back together.
When an old nightmare comes back for her, her first love will come back to stand at her side. Together Tremaine and Robert will help Liz find her place.

Breaking Free
They say dreams can come true. As a Dreamwalker Devlin has yet to believe it.
Until he finds his little werewolf in a dream. Jamie is impossible to resist.
With his past coming for him, he's left with a hard decision.
Will he stay? Or run to save them all?

Mending Scars
Some scars run deep.
Preston wants one woman, and is ready to fight to make her see.
Dacia's been hurt too many times before and has a hard time believing.
Her father, Remus, wants her help, but she refuses.
As the truth comes out, can Preston convince Dacia of what he feels?
Or will Remus tear apart what's slowly building between the two?
Can scars finally mend?

Labor of Love
Memories not her own made Darla run. Fear of the unknown kept her hiding.