Queen of the Forsaken

by R Murray

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With the rise of the Vampire lord Aleron, long thought dead at the hands of his brother, the game of immortality plays its deadliest hand yet.

As the plot thickens and players take their place to defend the rightful Queen of the Forsaken, the vampires of the Lamia build their own army to keep a hold of what they believe is rightfully theirs.

Samantha must put aside her emotions at the discovery that both her parents live and allow them to help her to channel her powers, the likes of which have never been seen amongst the monsters of nature.

As the Queen becomes more powerful and accepts her place at the head of Forsaken the war reaches its epic conclusion in a bloody battle between Shifters, Wolves, Witches and Vampires.

Those that survive must pick their side. Will they stand before their new Queen or will they be consumed by her deadly power?

The gift of immortality is Queen Samantha's to give, but only to those who are worthy.