Contract Baby

by Aiden Bates

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A hotshot lawyer desperate to start a family. A star baseball player who’s been screwed out of the money he’s worked so hard for. A contract seems like the ideal solution, but what happens when feelings and family get in the way?

Ty Cunningham comes from old money, but he’s never been content to sit back and rest on inherited wealth and privilege. He’s the youngest partner in his firm, and the only omega partner as well. He’s worked hard to get where he is, and he’s proud of what he’s accomplished. One thing is missing – a child to share it with. He can’t bear a child out of wedlock and keep his job with his conservative firm, but he hasn’t found love yet. When his brother suggests an arrangement with a friend from the Hellion Club, Ty hesitates. In the end, though, the contract is a means to an end.

Carter Bowman has it all. He’s got good looks, a fantastic career, and he’s a perennial All Star. The one thing he doesn’t have is a good grounding in personal finance. When he falls prey to a scam artist posing as a financial advisor, he’s close to broke. A buddy from the Hellion Club suggests he marry for money – a temporary marriage, with both partners having the same goal. Carter hadn’t planned to get married until his baseball career was over, but he’s desperate.

Things are awkward. Ty is ashamed of what he’s been forced to do, and Carter’s uncertain of how to proceed. When Ty’s ex shows up on the scene, it arouses Carter’s protective instincts – and Ty’s. Can actual love come out of a contract, or will family demands carry the day?