by Laura Avery

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100 – The number my pain meter hits every time Caden Dean looks at me with disgust.

56 – The number of hours I’ve spent looking at Caden Dean without his knowledge.

98 – The number of times Caden Dean has humiliated me in front of our town.

5.5 – The number of seconds it took for me to make the call that ruined his life.

145 – The number of ways he’s promised to make my body pay for all the sins I’ve committed against him.

102 – The number of various kinds of pleasure I never knew existed before his touch.

UNKNOWN – The number of time left before he destroys me for good.

They say there’s a fine line between love and hate. I’d settle for a thread.


125 – The number of ways Winter Grove makes me sick.

156 – The number of times I’ve caught Winter Grove looking at me when she thought I didn’t notice.

200 Million – The amount of money in my family’s bank account.

TOO MANY TO COUNT – The number of women desperate to get into my bed.

8 – The number of months a man has been in a coma because of me.

180 – The number of days I’ve spent behind bars thanks to Winter Grove’s big mouth.

UNKNOWN – The number of ways I’m going to use her mind and body to cleanse all the sins she’s committed against me.

They say there’s a fine line between love and hate. I might believe them if I knew what the f**k love was.