Fighting For You

by J.P. Oliver


Luke’s had a real hard time of it. He lost his parents in a devastating plane crash two years ago, and since then he’s been struggling to make ends meet. It’s left him little time for things like romance, especially since he still has a reputation for being the bad boy that broke everyone’s hearts in high school. None of the local boys are too keen on a repeat performance of that. But when a gorgeous stranger stumbles into Luke’s bar on a rainy night, he thinks that maybe he can finally have the romance he always wanted.

Adam has been sent to Luke’s hometown on a mission: serve Luke Markum the papers that will let him know his half-brother’s grandparents are suing for custody of their grandson. But when he catches Luke upset, he can’t bring himself to tell Luke the truth of who he is. And when a handsome, charming guy like Luke starts flirting with him… well, it’s all Adam can do to keep his head on straight. And the more he learns about Luke, the more he sees that he should be the guardian of his half-brother, if only he can get rid of his financial problems.

The two men start to embark on a romance that they’ve both always wanted, but were starting to believe wasn’t possible. But Adam’s still got the truth of why he’s in town, and if he doesn’t find a way to tell it to Luke, and help him keep his brother, their budding relationship could be over before it even begins.