by TN King

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I’m a monster… it’s in my blood.
Living with the Carters proved that.
Adopted by the perfect family and I’m still an animal.
I can’t help it. I crave their daughter with a carnal lust.
She’s my secret obsession and the one girl I can never have. She deserves a safe distance from me and my fantasies.
I’m trouble. Period. And my temper is near catastrophic.
But I know one thing for sure.
I’m a damn better guy than that jackass Nicole is dating.
My thirst for her is stronger than ever.
And the more I watch that baastard abuse my adopted sister.
The more my instincts scream, fuck the consequences.
I don’t know how much longer I can hold back….

I craved his attention from the minute Mom brought him home. He’s my adopted brother; my best friend.
But for me, that was never enough.
I always needed more, much more.
Now we’re adults, and I wish I could say things have changed. But I still want him... only I'm dating another man.