Celtic Fire

by Liz Gavin

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Caught in a centuries-old war between Christians and Druids, a young High Priestess is Avalon’s last chance. Wise and powerful, Rowen is faithful to the Old Religion, but how can she obey the Goddess without betraying Caddaric? Can she trust Eochaid when he embodies everything she despises?
Caddaric has been Rowen’s companion for countless lifetimes. Now she lives in the mortal plane, while he remains in mystic Avalon. Can Caddaric witness a flesh-and-blood man become Rowen’s protector? Will he risk losing Rowen’s heart to save Avalon?
Eochaid has sworn to protect the Old Ways. A fiery High Priestess isn’t part of his plans. Yet he would risk his life to protect Rowen. But, will the Goddess protect his heart? Can he defend the bewitching maiden from himself?
When stakes are so high that a mistake will cost their world, a priestess, a druid, and a warrior must learn to trust one another.
Their success can save Avalon.
Failure is not an option.
This is a standalone, historical/paranormal romance. Its mature themes – sexual violence, religion and pagan rituals – might not be appropriate for audiences under 18.