A Time of Rust: A Novel of Horror

by David Six

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Ginny Langemore, 13-year-old child of a troubled home, wakes late one night to see a man with kind eyes looking through her bedroom window. Her second-story bedroom window. But wait – he’s not looking through her window. He’s in her window. Inside the glass.

Ellington “Ellie” Dardanelle, wrongly convicted of a crime, is not enjoying his first night in prison. Especially when his mountainous cellmate decides to have his way with him. But Ellie responds in a rather “eye-opening” way to the hulk’s unwelcome advances.

Arthur “Artie” Bissell, Catholic priest, is also a criminal. The church where he ministers to the faithful is being used as a front by:

Theodore Copeland, money launderer for organized crime. Theodore and Artie discover something in each other that goes far beyond their larcenous ways, though volatile Theo does his best to deny the attraction.

Ginny names her late-night visitor the Kind Man, and sees him on infrequent occasions over the years. Ellie, Artie, and Theo all hear murmurings in their head from something they come to call the Voice.

Follow these four ordinary people over more than two decades as their entwined fates hurtle them towards a climax that may end their lives, and tear apart the world as we know it!