His Captive

by Nikki Chase

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I did something bad.
Broke my dad’s most important rule.
Delivered myself straight into my captor’s hands.
“You’re not leaving,” he said.
The worst part? I don’t want to leave.


My whole life, people treat me different because my dad’s a mobster. Except for Damon. Maybe it’s because we grew up together, me tagging along whenever he hung out with my older brother.

Now, he’s one of my dad’s most trusted man. And he’s heart-stoppingly gorgeous.

He’s been the star of my dirty fantasies for years. Judging by the look in his eyes, he finally wants the same thing I do: for him to take my V-card and make me a woman.

So I don’t even think twice before hopping onto his Harley. I even lie to my parents to get away from my bodyguards. With the powerful engine of Damon’s bike between my legs and the wind in my hair, it’s easy to forget about my guilt.

I have complete freedom. Nobody’s watching me. Nobody even knows where I am.

This good girl needs to do something bad for once. And Damon . . . Well, he’s the perfect bad boy.

I don’t want to go back to my father’s house. Even if something tells me Damon’s hiding a dangerous secret.


Elena didn’t choose to be born into a mafia family. Too bad she has to be dragged into it but this is war, and she’s collateral. Her dad needs to pay for what he’s done to my family.

I convince her to ditch her bodyguards. Lure her to my place in the guise of a date.

Like a good girl, she comes at my command. And she looks stunning.

When the light hits her little red dress just right, I can almost see every beautiful contour of her body. When I touch her, she opens up for me—responsive, insatiable . . . submissive.

But Elena isn’t just a pretty face, an alluring body, and a valuable hostage. She makes me feel again when I’d been numb for so long. I tell her things I’d been keeping to myself.

For ten years, revenge was my obsession, my only purpose. Just a few days with Elena, though, and my meticulous plan goes out the window.

She’s supposed to be my captive and nothing more. But now I want her to be my woman—to protect, to fight for, to possess.