Third Knock the Charm

by Nova Nelson

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When fate comes knocking, answer the door.
Unless it knocks three times. Then just pretend you didn’t hear it.Life is full of trouble when you’re a psychic medium. I’m learning that the hard way. In my defense, though, I don’t seek it out. Trouble finds me. It’s practically waiting on my doorstep when I leave for work each day. When I accidentally let a dark entity into the house I share with my mentor, Ruby True, it’s up to me to banish this who-knows-what before the rest of Eastwind devolves into complete chaos. It’s a taller order than I’m used to, and I’ll need help if I stand a chance. But the best man for the job is also the last man in town I would want to spend any amount of time with ... *This is a revised edition of a novel by the same name that was previously published as the Nora Bradbury series of the Witches of Salem world. Note: This book is free of swearing, graphic violence, and sex. Okay, so Nora has a few naughty thoughts (you would, too, if you were secretly dating Tanner Culpepper), but she’s only human … or, witch? However, no acts take place or are described during the course of the story.Hit the Buy Now button to start solving the mystery!