Death Metal

by Nova Nelson

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Just when I’m getting the hang of this new life, death pays me another visit.This time, it takes the form of a werewolf suicide, or at least that’s what our were-elk deputy is calling it. But the victim’s ghost has other ideas, and since I’m one of only two psychics in town, the restless spirit visits me, asking for my help in finding her killer. That’s fine, but does she have to do it right as I’m having a romantic moment with my crush, Tanner Culpepper? Talk about a liplock block. Sure, Tanner is technically my boss now, and making out is a big professional no-no. However, it’s also a gigantic personal yes please. But I can’t refuse a ghost’s plea for help, so now, in the few spare moments between waiting tables, sleeping, listening to the litany of complaints from my emo canine familiar, and dodging come-ons from Ted the grim reaper, I get to solve another murder. I guess romance with Tanner will have to wait. But that’s fine. I’m not bitter. Seriously. I’m not. (Okay, maybe just a little.)When one of the victim’s family members begins exhibiting the same signs of silver poisoning that brought down my new spirit friend, I know the clock is ticking. If I don’t solve the murder and convince Deputy Manchester to make the arrest, the magical town of Eastwind could have another death on its hands … *This is a revised edition of a novel by the same name that was previously published as the Nora Bradbury series of the Witches of Salem world. Note: This book is free of swearing, graphic violence, and sex.
Okay, so Nora has a few naughty thoughts (if you worked alongside Tanner every shift, you might too), but she’s only human … or, witch? However, no acts take place or are described during the course of the story. Hit the Buy Now button to start solving the mystery!