Crossing Over Easy

by Nova Nelson

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My name is Nora Ashcroft, and my perfect life is about to take a deadly turn.I used to think of myself as a modern woman. I built a successful career as a chef and restaurateur, had all the money I could want, and nobody told me what to do.And then I died. Oops. Goodbye, wealth, career, and Texas! But death wasn’t the end for me. I was given a second chance. So it was hello, gorgeous paranormal men, a snarky canine companion, and magical Eastwind. With my old life ripped away from me, you might think I’d be bored in this strange small town with cobblestone streets and no internet. But not so much. Because I’m there only a few hours before I discover that I’m now—wait for it—a witch. Not just any witch. A Fifth Wind witch, meaning I can talk to ghosts. Wave a wand around? Not so much.But I do have a familiar, a giant black dog I can communicate with telepathically. Sounds pretty awesome, right?Eh ... maybe reserve your judgment until you meet Grim for yourself.The transition is a lot to take in, and it’s made more chaotic when Tanner Culpepper, a gorgeous male witch who waits tables at the all-night diner, and I stumble upon a murdered werewolf.And now the only way we can avoid suspicion for the crime is if I can use my newfound powers to find the real killer. Before the killer finds me …Fans of no-nonsense female sleuths, lighthearted humor, delicious loves interests, and greasy late-night eats will adore this witty cozy mystery set against a quaint (and gossipy) supernatural village. *This is a revised edition of a novel by the same name that was previously published as the Nora Bradbury series of the Witches of Salem world. Note: This book is free of swearing, graphic violence, and sex. Okay, so Nora has a few naughty thoughts (you’ll understand when you meet Tanner), but she’s only human … or witch? However, no acts take place or are described during the course of the story. Hit the Buy Now button to start solving the mystery!