by Melanie Quinlan

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In a world in which magic has been driven underground, pop star Raoul Sinclair is desperately trying to make a comeback. Drugs and a history of mental illness ruined his career once, but he is eager to take up the fight once more. When he receives a death threat from an old nemesis of his, a fatal game is set in motion. Raoul suddenly finds himself surrounded by vampires, ghosts, fairies and other magical creatures, united in fighting the same enemy. Gregori Volkov, who is not only a vampire, but a ruthless sadist, proves relentless in his determination to vanquish Raoul.
As if that was not enough, Raoul’s boyfriend is behaving strange and abusive, Raoul realizes he has more than a crush on German art student Stefan - who just happens to be best friends with a former affair of his; and a journalist still has an axe to grind.
His mental health seems to suffer under the strain of constantly fighting for his survival. Are the strange hallucinations he experiences flashback from a past he has forgotten or does he once more stand on the edge of madness?
Old secrets are unearthed, secrets that might have been better left buried. Secrets that speak of love, sex, blood, betrayal, revenge and hatred. Raoul must make a choice and embrace his destiny or lose everything and everyone he holds dear.