Crucial Communication: Control Difficult Workplace Conversations Using Essential Dialogue Tools to Achieve Positive Results More Often

by Gary Peterson

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Is talking to others your Achilles' Heel? Do you dread having to talk to your boss or show a presentation at a meeting? Is your lack of public speaking skills holding your career back? If so, CRUCIAL COMMUNICATION: Control Difficult Workplace Conversations Using Essential Dialogue Tools to Achieve Positive Results More Often is the right book for you!

This book will show you real-life communication techniques so that you feel more comfortable talking to people at work, in different social settings, and more!

With this book, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how verbal and non-verbal communication work so that you know exactly what to say and how to act to move forward in life.

More than that, this book shows you what charisma is, and why it is so important to possess emotional intelligence and listening skills in order to spread your influence and move ahead.

Did you know that a lack of effective communication makes you underperform at work? Did you know that misunderstanding other people's hidden messages might keep you from making meaningful connections? Did you know that people with neglected social skills often fail to profit from their true talents? If you've been plagued by these hurdles, it's time to stop suffering. Put your foot down and decide to change!

This book shows you how to be and act your best self in a matter of days! In this book, you'll learn:

The true meaning of communication

What communication is, and what it is not

How to speak and understand others accurately

What the eight pillars of communication are and how to master them>

The right tips and techniques for effective VERBAL COMMUNICATION

What NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION looks like and how to wield it to show influence and charisma

How to improve your communication skills TODAY with easy and practical tips and tricks

How to grow charisma and emotional intelligence to create genuine connections that will advance your career and life

How to handle difficult conversations and conflict with dignity, grace, and smarts

...And so much more!

This book will answer all the questions that a hidden gem of an introvert like yourself could possibly have!

This manual doesn't shy away from real-life obstacles. It will show you how to communicate in the workplace in a professional manner, while still being your most comfortable, funny, and approachable self. It will help you overcome the hindrances of both formal and informal communication, and give you the right techniques to talk to your employer, employees, or customers that are suitable to the social setting, and also let your personality come to light; It will teach you how to conduct yourself in meetings and when speaking in public so that you feel comfortable and confident in expressing your knowledge, talents, and skills!

Hurry up and hit "Buy Now", because your precious talents are being wasted with each day you're not showing them! You're only a click away from learning how to let your inner best shine through, so don't waste the opportunity!