Fire at Crossroad - Soul of Ashes 1

by D.N. Leo

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When dark magic descends, and super technology fails, power rises from the heart.

As the commander in charge of the Super Artificial Intelligence program in Eudaiz, a universe far from Earth, Lyla has it all.

Beauty. Intelligence. Power.

She has never failed a mission, until she detects a shadow in the main frame system.

The shadow is built on elusive magical power and human emotions—neither of which she has training for or first-hand experience with.

Combining with the force of dark energy, by the the shadow is on a mission to not only destroy the legacy her father has built but also kill millions of citizens across the multiverse.

It will invade and enslave universes—Earth included.

Time is not on her side. But if she fights now, she will be on her own.

Soul of Ashes Trilogy
Fire at Crossroad
Fire Summoner
Fire Destroyer