Dirty Seal

by Harper James

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“I knew when I saw you that I wanted to be in your p*ssy.”

Heath Farrow.

He was on a mission that the entire country followed closely on the news— busting into a house in Syria and grabbing a terrorist that’d avoided capture for years. Operation Titan. They’re making a movie about it. Heath isn’t just like a celebrity— he is a celebrity.

He’s one of the most famous military men in the world, and he’s only back in town for eleven days. Eleven days and he’ll be off to train for another dangerous secret mission that will deploy him for six months or more.

He’s walking heartbreak, and yet I can’t resist him.

The sight of him is too much— rippled abdominals, pectorals that look like discs of granite, a scar on his torso that begs me to run my fingers over it. His body is tanned and toned and hard, and the first time he unzips his pants, I feel the breath rush from my body.

His c*ck is massive. Nine inches, if not ten.

He plays my body and mind perfectly, stroking and thrusting, owning me with every whispered word.

But how can I let myself fall for someone who’s leaving in eleven days? Someone who might not ever return?

And yet with every touch, every kiss, Heath is determined to make me his…even if it ends up destroying us both…