Chasing Pan: Tales from Neverland

by S Cinders

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Chasing Pan:
Dark new series that reimagines the Neverland saga...

Ebony & Pan: Capitan Ebony Hook has been sailing the high seas of Neverland for her entire life. When her father, Capitan James Bartholomew Hook tasks her with chasing down Peter Pan in human world Ebony is told to kill Pan or bring him back to Neverland.

A ruthless club owner, Peter has grown up and is no longer interested in playing in Neverland. Until he meets the beautiful Ebony. Hidden secrets come to light and he joins the crew of the Jolly Roger with one mission in mind. Protect Ebony at all costs.

Tiger Lily & Alex: Captain Hook’s bastard, Alex has never been claimed by his father and was raised by first mate Smeed. Sent to protect his childhood friend, Alex finds himself off course as the lovely Princess Tiger Lily invades his thoughts and haunts his dreams aboard the Jolly Roger.

Tinkerbell & Puck: Tinkerbell is known for her sassy attitude and ridiculous antics. Always the life of the party until Puck comes along and shatters the facade she has been hiding behind all these years. Lovers from another time, can these two work out their tangled pasts in time to save Neverland and rekindle the flame that never truly burned out?

Chasing Pan is a gorgeous mix of Neverland and Treasure Island. With familiar characters and some that are brand new, this dark fairy tale is sure to captivate the readers and leave them begging for more.

This very steamy STANDALONE contemporary romance has no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.