The College Hotwife: A Novella

by Lilah Page

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My roommate Jake steps into the shower with my girlfriend, pressing his naked body up against her, his strong hands all over her body, letting the steamy water flow over both of them while I just watched from outside.

How did I get into this mess, you might ask? Well, a few days ago he found a video I took of the two of us having sex, and threatened to put it online if I didn’t help him sleep with her. Thus began the most torturous week of my life.

It started slow, with simple things like convincing her to stay in the room while he’s changing. Slowly but surely, she’s becoming more and more obsessed with his muscular body and his huge... Well, let’s just say he’s bigger than me in more ways than one. Much bigger. Even if I do get that video back, will I be able to stop her from submitting to him?