Marrying The Mobster

by Olivia Russi

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After three years in an abusive relationship with a mafia man, Sienna Moore is done. But escaping the Caldera family is proving to be a lot more difficult than she’d expected. When she meets Mason Rhodes, he offers her a business proposition. Escape her life and her ex-boyfriend in exchange for information that will bring down their empire of crime. There’s just one catch: she has to marry him.

Mason Rhodes has always struggled to be a good man, and he prizes his honor and integrity above all else. When a terrified young woman comes to him begging for help, he sees an opportunity. A chance to save her from herself while wiping out one of his competitors. When he offered a marriage of convenience to keep her safe, he never expected to fall in love.

What started as a business relationship quickly evolves into something more, as Sienna and Mason find something in one another that they’ve always been missing: love. But the Caldera family is intent on reclaiming Sienna, no matter the cost. Can they fight a war with a rival family while fostering a new relationship, or will Sienna find herself right back in the arms of a man she has grown to hate?