The Bikers Baby

by Austin Bates

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Wealthy businessman Finn Walker is out of his element when his baby nephew is dumped on his doorstep. The omega knows next to nothing in caring for the baby. So when handsome alpha biker Slade Sharpe barges into his life for a business deal, Finn suggests an exchange: Slade and his construction company get a fair shot at a lucrative construction bid, and Finn takes Slade on as his baby coach.

After single-handedly raising his kid sister, Slade knows he has the skills to help Finn grasp Parenting 101. So, he accepts the exchange, but with one amendment: they’ll be doing the baby boot camp for a week. Then after seven days, the sexy omega would be on his own with his adorable baby nephew. Only Slade doesn’t anticipate how strong of a sensual challenge Finn’s constant presence becomes to the alpha in him.

Soon Slade forgets all the good reasons he should be resisting the omega. And Finn can’t imagine life without the alpha by his side. Will they amend their original week-long exchange to include a very sexy clause? And what happens after their seven days are up?